Sunday, 16 October 2011

19 weeks ♥

I have really neglected this blog because of rubbish memory card readers! I will get better at updating this blog though, I really want to use it to document the pregnancy.

I am 19 weeks!!!!!!! I cant believe how fast its going. We're nearly halfway through! 

I have a job now, at body shop, which I actually really love :) everyones really lovely, and they knew I was pregnant when they hired me so Im so lucky they did! I have to give facials to customers and do their makeup and advise them on their skincare routine, and Im really enjoying it :) I still have my shop going, but its nice to have some regular income now! 

Im getting stretching pains, which are making sleeping tricky, and Im extra emotional at the moment. I cry at everything! A woman bought her newborn baby boy into work this work, and I had to go to the stockroom because I got teary! I even got emotional when looking at baby clothes in boots the other day, haha, its getting a bit ridiculous! but other than that, Im feeling really good at the moment :) my cravings are cheese strings and chocolate, particularly crunchies!! 

Baby is getting really strong! Im getting some really big kicks now, and David felt it kick for the first time last week!!!!!! It was so lovely, Im only seeing David about once a week at the moment while he lives in swindon with his mum, so it was so nice he was the first to feel, it was like the baby was showing off for daddy :) since then my little brother and mum have felt it too!

Our 20 week scan is next monday, and I am so excited!!!! we have decided we want to find out the sex :) eeeeeeee!

hope everyones well :)

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