Tuesday, 27 September 2011

16 weeks!

we have reached 16 weeks!! yay!!! and bump is definately growing. I got my first comment from a stranger last week too! a woman in town came up to me and tell me how lovely I look, and how I look like I'm having a very radiant pregnancy, which put a big smile on my face :) 

my 16 weeks check went really well, everythings good, and babys heartbeat was lovely and strong. I've been feeling rough since then though, I got some sickness again as well as a nasty cold, and got very dehydrated and fainted. Luckily, everythings fine, went to the GP and got to hear the babys heartbeat again which was lovely and reassuring. I am now on anti nausea tablets which are helping, but have made me so sleepy! I feel drunk! Babys giving me lots of little flutters and popping sensations now too :)

Today has been a good day though, despite still being groggy. My finished wedding dress arrived! It is perfect, Im so happy with it! and I got a call from the Body Shop, and I got the job I applied for!!!! I finally have a job, and they dont mind about the pregnancy, which is brilliant! Its not exactly using my degree, but its better than nothing at the moment :)

How are you all doing? x

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