Wednesday, 7 September 2011

13 week scan!

My dating scan was yesterday. I was so nervous and scared!! I was having nightmares for days before about everything going wrong, and it being bad news. I had read so many horror stories (I know i shouldn't) about bad scans, and read about not bad scans but how they can be tricky. I read a story about one woman who went and they couldnt find the baby, so they got her to go for a walk for an hour and come back. I knew that would terrify me if that happened. So I was preparing for the worst.

My heart was beating so fast when we went in there, but as soon as the little ultrasound thingy was on my tummy, there it was on the screen, our little baby!!! I have never felt so happy. I knew immediately everything was ok, our little one is so energetic and playful! It was jumping about all over the place, kicking its little legs and waving its arms. We saw it sucking it's thumb, and even saw it drinking the amniotic fluid! It was opening its little mouth and swallowing!! I couldn't believe how much detail we could see, we could even see its tiny toes wriggling. It was so so amazing!! I just melted. I think David did too :) Heres our beautiful, lovely little baby:

In the picture, it is sucking its thumb, and the other arm is down by its side, and you can see its little toes curled round too! I can't stop smiling. The lay showed us it real size too on the screen, I couldn't believe how big it was! It doesn't feel that long ago I was reading it was the size of a poppy seed. It is now the size of a banana! I can't wait for our next scan now :)

I am 13 weeks, and feeling so much better. in The past week, I have only been sick a couple of times. And Im not feeling sick constantly, and my tiredness is easing too. I would really like a pregnancy glow now though, I look a wreck! my skin and hair are greasier than usual, and I have big dark circles under my eyes. I will post a new picture of my bump soon too, it's growing! I've noticed people staring at my belly when Im out and about now., probably wondering whether Im pregnant or been eating too much! :)

Hope your all well

p.s: our due date is the 10th March :)


  1. Wow. This is so amazing. I can't believe how clear it is!

  2. Glad everything went okay! Its horrible when you always think of the stuff that can go wrong. Sounds like a happy, playful one haha xx