Thursday, 16 February 2012


31 weeks... this week I finished work! I only had a temporary contract at the body shop, and although I was given the chance to renew my contract, it was easier for the contract to end now and I possibly go back once Lily is born. I would like to apply to be a teaching assistant in schools though, so fingers crossed I wont be going back!

It was Christmas when I was 30 weeks. Lily was spoilt and she's not even here yet! She got a toy mouse from her Grandpa & Jo, a box of keepsakes from Granny & Grandad , a blanket from Auntie Magali & a sleeping bag from Nanny Gill. 

My heart is fine, all the tests came back clear, and my anaemia is improving, so I'm feeling much better than I was. My main issue now is bruised ribs, little Lily has given them a good kicking, which is really sore! But my bump is dropping as Lily has started to head into my pelvis already, which is making them comfortable :)


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