Thursday, 16 February 2012


Im now 36 weeks!! Lily is so close to being full term now :)

We are very nearly ready for her, we just have her crib to get which will be done this weekend. My mum and Dad are very kindly buying us a pretty little swinging crib. And then everything will be done! 

I have been busy nesting! All Lily's things are now organised into her new chest of drawers, I've cleared out all of my things, and Im doing lots of cleaning around the house constantly! My hospital bag is packed and ready to go!

Getting all of her clothes ready and put away was the most exciting thing. It felt lovely, and made it all so real!

She is getting the hiccups a lot, but her movements otherwise are slowing down, I think because she's running out of room. Every now and again she tries to stretch out and it hurts a lot!! There is just no space!

I can't wait to just get her here now. Im getting lots of aches and pains and braxton hicks, so hopefully she will be on her way really soon!


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  1. Thank-you for the comment my lovely and + plus one. Ahh this is so exciting! You have the perfect story to tell her, together since you were fifteen, that's so lovely!

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick