Tuesday, 10 April 2012


38 weeks. 2 weeks until my due date. It seems far too long that she may be in there for up to a month yet!! I hope she comes sooner. We are as ready as we are going to be, and I don't want to pregnant anymore! I just want little Lily cuddles. I've had lots of contractions this week and thinking 'is this it?!' but they always stop. They happen most evenings, regular and intense, for an hour or so. I just want her here now!

David is now pretty much moving into my parents house with me until we manage to finally get a house. He's getting a second job working for their little catering business, and it will mean he can be with Lily and I. It's been lovely having him around more. This week we built Lily's crib, bought last minute things for my hospital bag & had our last antenatal class. I feel a bit scared about labour, but I am so desperate to meet my little girl, and feel like we are as prepared as we are ever going to be. I keep telling Lily we are ready & waiting, and she can come any time! I'm not sure if she's listening to me though! 

Her kicks are getting painful. She is so big, there is no room left, and sometimes she wants to just stretch out, and it hurts. She has bruised my ribs & torn cartilage.  We have a big strong girl!


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  1. It’s almost a year since this post. How’s Lily now? I’ve read some of your blogs, and I am so interested in your journey towards motherhood. I’m also planning to post about exciting things regarding my pregnancy, but I don’t have much time to do that yet. I hope to read more updates from you, so I can get some tips on how I’ll take care of my baby when he’s already out of my tummy. :)

    -- Chelsea Leis