Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One month

This will be my last update for this blog. I have changed the name of the blog from 'hello baby' to 'waiting for Lily'. I was going to have this blog as a place for pregnancy and baby posts, even after Lily was born, but I find keeping up with two blogs difficult, so Lily will be included lots on my normal blog, and this blog will be left as my pregnancy and Lily's arrival. It will be a blog I can look back on, and show Lily when she's older, and remember each stage of my pregnancy and look at my bump pictures! But if you want to carry on reading about Lily as she gets older, you will find all those posts on my other blog.

Lily Belle is now a month old. She is wonderful and beautiful. Our little strawberry blonde angel. David has lots of pet names for her, the main ones being his little ginger cookie monster and the ginger ninja. The ginger cookie monster name came from the fact her back and shoulders were covered with fine ginger hair when she was born, making her look fluffy, and the ginger ninja name came from the way she holds and moves her arms like a ninja sometimes! I call her my little strawberry, ginge and pretty little lady :)

She is a greedy little thing, on 7oz every 4 hours. She is clingy and likes to be held all the time, but she is getting better at sleeping in her crib. She is starting to smile! She does very small smiles, where her eyes are smiling and her mouth very nearly is. She is also starting to coo and make other cute noises. She squeaks while she is eating, which is so cute! She is more awake and alert every day and is so lovely :) I am loving being a mummy. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful, perfect, sweet little daughter.

We are a very happy little family & I can't wait to watch Lily grow.I have so much love for this little girl it is amazing!

Thank you for reading this blog and following our story



  1. She is just too precious! I followed your blog, hoping you'll follow back :)

  2. Oops I left that message under the wrong blog account :)

  3. This is awesome :) I found your blog through a friend's blog and I love it! You can probably tell that I'm looking for new blogs haha, if you want to follow each other, let me know in a comment :3 Mine's www.elly-vickere.com

    Hope to speak soon lovely girl! x

  4. Girls are SO MUCH FUN. You are going to have a blast =)

    - Sarah

  5. I hope your days have been lovely.
    You have a beautiful family!

  6. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? If you want just follow me and send me your link on lavieenrose.blog8@gmail.com and I will follow you immediately

  7. You guys look so amazing! I'm in love <3
    Would you like to follow each other?

  8. Found your blog through pinterest :) your little one is lovely!!

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